Recharger Prepaid Meters are utilised by property owners to manage their tenant’s utilities & assist in regulating the usage of electricity.

Thousands of sub-meters have been installed across South Africa and internationally at Commercial Properties, Industrial Complexes, Private Residences, Resorts, BnB’s, Apartment Blocks, Shopping Centres and every type of facility where utility management is necessary.

Recharger is at the forefront of Prepaid Metering. Our Head Engineer joined the business after 20 years in Government Electricity Services. He also served as an Eskom Energy Consultant, with a portfolio including high voltage, commercial - industrial & private market installations.

Recharger carries a comprehensive range of meters. These meters are of international standard, STS compliant, maybe utilised for private & governmental applications, and exported worldwide.

Recharger STS LIVE VENDING SYSTEMS is based­ on approved international vending principals with the team behind the development of international experience, specifically built for 24/7 quick access vending.