Recharger offers a warranty on all Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meters. All Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meters carry a twelve-month warranty. Selected Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meters carry a lifetime warranty. For further information, refer to the product catalogue or the e-commerce store. 

The warranty is only valid for Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meters purchased in the Republic of South Africa and intended for use in the Republic of South Africa. 

The warranty will be valid if the following requirements are met  :-

  1. The registration form has been correctly filled and the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter has been registered and is vending on the Recharger vending platform.
  2. Proof of purchase (namely: original invoice; sales slip indicating the date of purchase, dealer’s name, model and serial number of the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter and the certificate of compliance from a registered electrician for the installation of the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter).
  3. The Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter is returned to the Recharger Head Offices situated at 102 Jan Hofmeyr Road, Dawncrest, Westville at the cost of the customer.

Recharger reserves the right to refuse the Warranty in the event that the above requirements have not been met alternatively if the information has been removed or changed.

Recharger’s obligations are to repair the defective part and at Recharger’s discretion, to replace the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter, provided the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter is returned to Recharger by the customer. This Warranty is not applicable in cases other than for defects in material, design & workmanship. 

This Warranty does not cover periodic checks, maintenance, repair and maintenance of parts due to normal wear and tear, abuse or misuse of the product for its intended use or failure of the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter arising from incorrect installation for use not consistent with technical or safety standards or failure to comply with manual instructions, accidents, acts of God, or any cause beyond the control of Recharger caused by but not limited to lightning, water, fire, public disturbances, improper ventilation, uninstallation & re-installation and unauthorized modifications.

Recharger shall not be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied manufacturer’s warranty of the Prepaid Sub-Meter as Recharger is not the manufacturer of the Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meter.

Key-changed Recharger Prepaid Sub-Meters will result in the termination of Recharger’s Warranty and support.