Insist on Recharger!

Recharger serves a growing customer network of over 200 000 meters nationally and internationally.

Thousands of Recharger meters have been installed across South Africa and globally at Commercial Properties, Industrial Complexes, Private Residences, Resorts, Apartment Blocks, Shopping Centres and every type of facility where utility management is necessary.

ARB Electrical Wholesalers
Carrim Tiles & Sanitaryware
ACDC Dynamics
Jabula Hardware
I G Hoosen & Company, Sports and Goods Retailers
Century Electrical
Dawoods Electrical
Build-It Building Materials
Magnet Electrical Supplies
GS Vickers Hardware, Household and Industrial Supplies
Northside Electrical
Bargain Xpress
Osman's Wholesalers Cash and Carry
ZAP Wholesalers
Builders Warehouse

Recharger prepaid metering solutions are ideal for:

Property Owners
Prepaid sub-meters allow landlords to manage tenants and reduce the risk and liability of getting stuck with unpaid electricity bills.

Installing a prepaid sub-meter is affordable, simple and quick and is a great way for contractors to help people save on electricity.

Tenant can use prepaid meters to manage their own electricity consumption, and become more responsible electricity users.