Recharger Products & Services
The Recharger portfolio of sub-meters are of international standard, STS (Standard Transfer Specification) certified and can be used nationally and internationally for private, commercial and governmental applications. Recharger prepaid meters are used in homes, cottages, apartment blocks, retail stores and holiday rentals to monitor and manage electricity consumption.

You can purchase prepaid electricity tokens 24 hours a day from over 10 000 locations in South Africa.

We also offer unique business opportunities for vendors to earn by vending prepaid tokens using our sub-meters, management tools and token vending software.

Our comprehensive range of prepaid meters are STS certified and can be used nationally and internationally.

Prepaid Sub-meters
Recharger Sub-meters

Recharger supplies a comprehensive range of three-phase and single-phase electricity sub-meters. The meters are STS compliant and installed independently by qualified electricians and contractors.

Recharger offers a unique Lifetime Warranty.
Please Note - Recharger meters are sub-meters and do not replace the Municipal or Eskom meters.


Recharger Single Phase - 80 Amp
Sleek compact design. Advanced anti-tamper features. Built-in battery. Prepayment meter stays active during power failures.

Recharger Single Phase DIN Rail Split Wired - 80 Amp
Metering and control unit used in one phase two wire power network. Combined with CIU, it works as keypad or smart card split meter.

Recharger Single Phase DIN Rail Split Wireless - 80 Amp
Wireless metering and control unit. Can be combined with CIU to work as keypad or smart card split prepayment meter.

Conlog Single Phase BEC23 - 80 Amp
A cost effective method of metering loads up to a maximum of 80 Amp. The housing allows the sub-meter to be removed easily for maintenance, without disconnecting the supply.

Conlog Single Phase Split Wired BEC44T - 80 Amp
The BEC44T 80 Amp is a single phase, split configuration electricity sub-meter designed for maximum security against fraud. The small footprint of the DIN rail mount allows installation of multiple units.

Conlog Single Phase Split Wireless WBEC44T - 80 Amp
This wireless meter range provides the building block for a revolutionary new smart meter. The compact DIN rail sub-meter is packed with features.

Landis+Gyr Single Phase GEMLITE - 80 Amp
The Gemlite single phase sub-meter offers a cost effective method of metering for loads up to a maximum of 80 Amp.


Recharger 3 Phase - 100 Amp
Maximum current of 100 Amp per phase. Compact meter design with British Standard layout. Quick and easy to install, making use of existing household wiring which is ideal when additional communication wiring is inconvenient.

Recharger 3 Phase MBUS - 100 Amp
Three phase direct connection sub-meter used in a split prepayment metering system. It complies with STS standard and communicates with a CIU by MBUS or PLC for energy consumption monitoring and credit charging.

Recharger 3 Phase Wireless PLC - 100 Amp
Direct connection sub-meter used in a split prepayment metering system. It complies with STS standard and communicates with a CIU by MBUS or PLC for energy consumption monitoring and credit charging.

Landis+Gyr CIU
The customer interface unit (CIU) operates independently and is usually installed in a secure, locked enclosure outside the consumer’s home. The unit is compact with a user-friendly keypad and display, it also reduces the opportunity of fraud by tampering. The CIU is an optional interface used for the splitting of the meter.

Landis+Gyr 3 Phase Standard - 100 Amp
The Landis+Gyr Three Phase meter is a 100 Amp keypad-based sub-meter suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial environments.

This meter also has an option to add a CIU for splitting of the meter. 

Prepaid electricity tokens are available from a variety of convenient retail stores, banks, petrol stations and online platforms.

Buy Prepaid Electricity Tokens 

Where to Buy Prepaid Tokens
Recharger prepaid electricity tokens are available at various Retail Stores, Banks and Petrol Stations nationally, You can also get tokens online or from mobile vendors.

It’s easy! Simply buy electricity tokens from any outlet and enter the 20 digit code into your prepaid electricity meter.

Tokens are available from these Retail Stores, Banks & Petrol Stations:

Standard Bank
Purchase electricity tokens from any Standard Bank. 

You can get prepaid electricity tokens from ABSA.

Buy prepaid vouchers from Nedbank branches. 

Capitec Bank
Get Recharge tokens from any Capitec Bank.

Tyme Bank
Purchase electricity tokens from any Tyme Bank.

First National Bank
You can buy Recharger tokens from FNB.

Get Recharger tokens from Sasol petrol stations.

Get prepaid electricity tokens from Caltex garages.

Buy prepaid tokens at any BP petrol station.

Get electricity tokens from any Shell garage.

Buy prepaid tokens from any Engen garage. 

Shoprite Checkers
Get electricity tokens from any Shoprite Checkers store. 

Pick n Pay
Get electricity tokens from Pick n Pay chain stores.

Buy prepaid electricity from Dis-Chem pharmacies. 

Buy prepaid electricity from SPAR supermarkets.

Purchase electricity vouchers from Checkers retail stores. 

Electricity tokens are available from Boxer stores nationwide. 

Buy Recharger prepaid vouchers via UniPin.

Buy electricity tokens from mobile Kazang vendors.

Electricity voucher available from mobile Flash vendors.

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Vending Options
There are two options available for vending electricity vouchers.

​A - Tenants buy tokens from Chain-stores
Recharger prepaid electricity tokens are available at various Retail Stores, Banks and Petrol Stations nationally, You can also get tokens online or from mobile vendors.

B - Tenants buy tokens from their Landlords
Landlords and Property Owners can purchase tokens directly from Recharger. This allows the owners to manage the meters and tenant electricity usage themselves.

For more information please Contact Recharger 

Start your own business with our tailored solutions that includes token vending software, meters, training and marketing support.

Token Vending Solutions
The global demand for prepaid electricity is ever increasing.
Recharger can provide vendors with quality sub-meters, Meter Management Tools and tailor-made Token Vending Solutions to meet this growing demand.

The Recharger Vending System enables landlords, property owners, developers, managing agents and tenants to track and manage electricity consumption more efficiently. The more meters you manage, the more tokens you can supply to help grow your business.

Our integrated solution includes secure web (cloud) based software for desktops and mobile devices, prepaid sub-meters, training, support and marketing assistance to help your business earn an ongoing revenue.

Vendors can supply tokens for the meters to the consumers directly, handle the funds collections and electricity bills as well as access detailed reports. The system can accommodate levies, arrears rentals, management fees and other expenses when the token is generated. Vendors can also allocate a vending fee on the token itself for their services rendered,

Recharger will remotely install the licence free software on your desktop / PC, or get it free on Google Play for Android enabled mobile devices. We will load the registered meter details and set tariffs & rates for you as well.

Competitive meter costs, a range of comprehensive electricity meters, a lifetime warranty - are just some of the benefits  associated with Recharger Prepaid Meters & Vending.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Vend Credit and Tamper Tokens
  • Meter management and ID check
  • Tariff and Fee Management
  • Block Tariff Token(s)
  • Built-in Sales Reporting - Meter history, Token history, clients etc that can be exported (Exel, PDF, Word)
  • Mobility - Mobile and PC version
  • Customizable API
  • Scalability​​​

Start Up Requirements

  • Sign up with Recharger (link)
  • PC or Android Mobile Device
  • MS Windows
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Token Printer
  • Stock (min. 10 meters)
  • Transport
  • Sales experience

Token Vending Software Demo

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Vend Pre-paid electricity tokens easily and securely.

Manage your own Metering Enterprise
Recharger offers tailor-made business opportunities to suit all your requirements.

For more information please contact; alternatively you can call us on 087 158 4800.

Private Vending Systems
Private Dealer / Property Managers

  • Our unique software will allow you to vend directly to your clients or tenants.
  • From commercial properties to vacation rentals, Recharger can help your customers effectively manage their utility bills.
  • Independent Dealer-Agent network with Recharger business, vending and IT support.
  • Supply prepaid electricity meters.
  • Vend tokens.
  • Handle landlord utility collections.
  • Enable levy collection control on meters.
  • Handle maintenance support contracts.
  • Supply meters for every type of application - commercial, industrial, government and low cost housing projects.
  • International Vending - meters & vending can be used internationally (STS Compliant).
  • Increase meter sales - Increase income - Increase your profit.

International Vending
Manage your own base of meters, vend tokens to your client base. Recharger has a complete metering and vending solution available for your business. Our solutions have assisted companies globally from independent vendors, property managers, corporate clients and commercial enterprises.

Recharger provides meters and vending software across the globe. Our certified meters, STS compliant system and a dedicated software team. Customizable API available. 

White Label Solution
Third Party Vending Solutions
Linked to a wide range of Chain-stores, Banks, ATMs and Garages + 10 000 Points Nationally. 

Third party vending solutions enables tenants to purchase vouchers from a wide range of leading chain-stores nationally, leading banks, garages as well as on-line. The Newly Formed Metering Company gains access tested, comprehensive on-line vending solution.

IT System Highlights

  • Live vending system with ability to add meters for immediate vending.
  • Ability to set individual Tariffs / Bulk Tariffs / Block Tariffs.
  • Full on-line customer management functions.
  • Ability to process Tariff adjustments.
  • Ability to block meters.
  • Ability to vend own tokens directly to your tenants (No chain store Vending fees apply).
  • Comprehensive Real Time Reporting (Including Vending Spend per Meter, Vending Spend Per Debtor, Vending Spend per Complex).